The Top 9 Environmentally Friendly Tips to Save the Planet

Concern about the world’s leading environmental problems has grown from a simple inconvenient truth to movements large and small in countries around the globe. Students, activists, and concerned voters are calling for legislation to limit and repair environmental destruction, but individuals making a difference on their own are inspiring others to do the same thanks…

10 Fun, Eco-Friendly Findings About Canada

  It’s almost Canada Day! And it only seems appropriate that we review some of the best things about our beloved country. Canadians (clearly) take great pride in their hockey. We’re some of the friendliest people on the planet (this, according to most reports, but hey, we’re slightly biased!). We boast affordable healthcare and we’re…

A Nice Day for a Green Wedding: Simple Steps for an Eco-Friendly Spring Wedding

If you’re one of the many brides or grooms planning a wedding this spring, you’re probably facing an endless stream of appointments, to-do lists and budgets to follow. Fortunately, keeping your wedding’s carbon footprint small is a much easier task than putting together seating charts or keeping the best man away from the bar before his toast. Here are five simple ways you can keep your spring wedding green.

  1. The Invitations: Send your friends and family members an invitation that they will remember for seasons to come. Print your invites on eco-friendly seed paper that guests can plant and watch grow into pretty flowers or sweet herbs.
  2. The Dress: If the hefty price tag on a designer wedding gown that you’ll only wear once makes you tear up (and not in a good way), search for a pre-loved wedding dress at a deep discount. Not only will you find a dress of your dreams, but you’ll help the environment by sending fewer yards of tulle and taffeta to the landfill. Check out or for once-loved gowns.
  3. The Cake: By selecting local and organic ingredients for this traditional and delicious wedding centerpiece, you’ll up the eco-friendly factor of your big day. By opting for a vegan confection, you’ll score bonus points.
  4. The Decorations: One of the best things about a spring wedding is that Mother Nature has her best blooms on display in everyone’s backyard. Locally-grown flowers that you’ll use for arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres are fresher, more eco-friendly and come at a lower price. Save even more by DIY-ing your wedding flowers with these tips.
  5. The Photos: Did you ever consider that your wedding photos could have less of an environmental impact? Make sure your photographer shoots digitally, rather than on film. Digital cameras also usually run on rechargeable batteries, so there won’t be additional waste.

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